The research prototype will be conducted in collaboration with EuroTube Foundation, a recently founded research institute aiming to establish cutting-edge test and development infrastructure for sustainable ultra-high-speed vacuum ground transportation – also known as the “hyperloop.”


1. Digital Manufacturing Process


Existing manufacturing approaches are not set up to fulfill the specific technical engineering requirements of the AlphaTube. No existing technology is ready to go “off-the-shelf.”

2. Real-time Simulation


SMF4INFRA will simulate the tube production on site in a demonstration mode. This will enable iterative product development of the tube system concurrently with development of the track, train, and vacuum system.

3. Local Suppliers Involvement


SMF4INFRA will incorporate the resource capabilities of local supplies while reducing the need for central global logistics. This aligns with a vision for a scalable business model that can grow along with the development of the high-speed vacuum transportation networks around the globe.